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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michael Sheen chats ‘Breaking Dawn’

Michael Sheen talked with MovieLine about the latest status of his involvement with Breaking Dawn.
And now I’ll showcase my own lack of imagination by asking about Twilight. We’ve asked some of the principals here and there how they’re feeling about it coming to a close, and with Breaking Dawn on the way, I was wondering about your take.
I think it’s a very different experience for me than it’s been for a lot of people. I’ve had very little to do with it, to be honest. I’ve done one film!
You’re part of the culture, though, and—
I’m part of the culture, but in terms of what will it mean to me when it’s over? Very little.
Are you not involved with the last two?
Yeah. I mean, hopefully that’s going to happen. And it might be different then. But it’s totally different for Rob and Taylor and Kristen and Ashley and everyone. They’ve gone through the whole thing. It’s changed their lives completely. Ultimately I did two weeks on the set and one press junket and the premiere. And it was fantastic. I loved being a part of it. It’s such a delight that my daughter is into it. I’ve loved being a part of it so far. It hasn’t had the same impact for me; maybe by the time Breaking Dawn comes around, it will have.
I only ask because you’ve been reported to be attached.
Well, my character is in it. It’s not done and dusted yet or whatever. But I’m hoping.
So you’re not actually confirmed?
Not yet, no.
Hmm. Well, I hope that works out.
Me too!
Read the full interview here.

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