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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taylor Lautner Filming in NYC

So there have been rumors that Taylor was doing some filming in NYC! It appears this was indeed true. A fan took these pics of Taylor filming in NYC with a filming sign labeled ‘Movie Awards’..perhaps something for the MTV Movie Awards in June?
Here is what On Location Vacations is reporting!
Thanks to one of our readers, Ariella, we found out that Taylor was indeed in NYC today filming under the title “Movie Awards”. We can only assume the shoot was a sketch for the upcoming MTV Movie awards which will air on June 5th.
Ariella spotted Taylor filming in a cab outside of City Stage around W 19th and 9th in NYC. They definitely did a good job keeping the shoot under wraps since, according to Ariella, there were no fans around.
Source: via TeamTaylorLautner

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