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Friday, May 6, 2011

Twilight: One of Best Movie Love Triangles

Let’s face it, one of the appeals of many-a-story these days is a love triangle. Based on the Jacob-Marlena-August triangle in Water for Elephants,  Female First has put together a list of the best movie love triangles, and as you’d guess, the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle makes the cut!
Twilight: Not easy to choose between a bare chested wolfman and a glittering vampire – especially when they fight so well over you in a two man tent; while you are sleeping.
The Twilight Saga has taken the world by story as Stephenie Meyers’ novels have been adapted for the big screen – are you Team Edward? or Team Jacob?
What other famous trios made the list? Check it out here.
Via TwilightLexicon

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