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Friday, June 10, 2011

Does ‘Twilight’ domination help or hinder the MTV Movie Awards ratings?

The MTV Movie Awards may have seen a decline in the last couple of years, but is Twilight to blame? No! In fact, Twilight can be thanked for the fact that they don’t have even lower ratings.
The show hasn’t had any trouble attracting the Twilight phenomenon’s most ardent fans: teens. Among those viewers, Sunday’s Jason Sudeikis-hosted shindig posted its best ratings in seven years. And among everybody, the show was still a hit, finishing in sixth place in Nielsen’s latest cable rankings.
Eclipse, like Twilight and New Moon before it, was the big winner at Sunday’s show.
In fact, before the vampire series started dominating the popcorn-bucket game in 2009, the MTV Movie Awards had been on a six-year-long ratings losing streak. (The first time Pattinson and Stewart appeared on the show, in 2008, prior to the release of Twilight, the telecast bottomed out with a 21st-century-worst 3 million viewers.)
So, if anything, Twilight saved the MTV Movie Awards.

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