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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Elizabeth Reaser talks about playing moms on film

Elizabeth Reaser isn’t a mom, but she sure is playing a lot of them on screen these days. In fact, she is barely even old enough to be playing the mom of teens. In a new interview about her new film The Art of Getting By, she talked a bit about Twilight and playing Mama Cullen.
[Referring to on-screen daughter Emma Roberts] Did she pepper you with Twilight questions?
Yes! She’s a bit of a Twihard. I remember she was Team Jacob at one point. She definitely played it cool, though. Those movies, I’m always surprised when older kids are obsessed with them. You’d think they’d be too-cool-for-school for them. But the films seem to capture all ages. I’ve met a lot of Twi-Moms. I get a little uncomfortable when they start talking about Taylor Lautner’s body, because I’m like, “He’s a baby! Don’t talk about him like that!” But the movies definitely capture the imagination of even older women. I’m 35, so I guess I would be a Twi-Mom.
You’re too young to be playing all these moms!
Bless you! And I’m not a mom myself. People who don’t know me see me as motherly, for some reason. People who know me, they think it’s really weird that I’m playing the mom.
Read more at NYMag.
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