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Saturday, August 20, 2011

‘Breaking Dawn’: What Do We Know

MSNBC Today Movies put together this list of what we know about the upcoming Breaking Dawn! Here is some of their article.
The movie trailer is pretty cagey, but we definitely glean some details. The wedding invites are crisp and plain, but they don’t fall into the common Hollywood trick of forgetting the character’s middle names. It’s “Isabella Marie Swan” and “Edward Anthony Masen Cullen” who, together with their families, invite the guests to their August wedding.
Bella wears her long hair in a strikingly pretty updo or at least a twist, styled with help from Edward’s sisters, and crowns it with a diamond (what, like the Cullens would use rhinestones?) comb holding her veil. Not much of the dress can be seen, but it’s white or ivory and looks lovely and traditional. And that is one honking diamond ring — we’re talking Kim Kardashian size.
Bella’s dress is designed by Carolina Herrera, but once the movie’s out, it will be sold to mere humans by Alfred Angelo under a special Twilight Bridal label.
Stephenie Meyer says the old-fashioned dress should be simpler than the frillier Edwardian designs some may expect. “Elegant white satin, cut on the bias, with long sleeves,” the author revealed.
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Edward wears a white tie and tails.
Eleazar and Carmen, from the Denali clan of vamps, are front and center at the nuptials, just behind Carlisle and Esme.
The wedding is outdoors, featuring flowers everywhere and rose petals scattered on the aisle.
Happily ever after
The first movie goes through the wedding, honeymoon and birth, ending just before Bella’s life as a vampire really begins. The second film is more of an action movie as the family rushes to protect new member Renesmee, producer Godfrey told USA Today. The story also breaks from Bella’s point of view to follow Jacob through his own turmoil, just as the book did.
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