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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moviefone Interviews Tinsel Korey

How did you get involved with ‘Stained’?
My demo reel came across director Karen Lam’s table. When I was offered the role, they said you’re going to play a schizophrenic serial killer. I’m like, what did she see from my reel? Apparently when I’m smiling it looks like everything is great, and when I’m not I look like I can kill somebody. So I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing!
How did you prepare for it?
You have to go into a dark place to play a character like that so I was listening to the kind of music that triggered those kinds of emotions. It was really interesting to delve into that part of your psyche.
No kidding! What kind of music were you listening to?
[Laughs] Actually, it was My Chemical Romance. It’s a pretty emo band.
‘Breaking Dawn’ is coming out soon. What was it like filming that?
Bittersweet. Obviously it’s great to be back on set and see everybody, but I knew it was the last movie. I remember being at dinner and just looking around and it was like, ‘Are we all going to be friends when this is finished?’ I compare movies to summer camp. You have these great relationships and you bond, and then when summer ends you’re all like, ‘We have to keep in touch!’ Then life moves on and you go your separate ways.
How has the dynamic on set changed between ‘New Moon’ and ‘Breaking Dawn’? Was everyone more relaxed and comfortable with each other?
We see each other at ‘Twilight’ conventions and stuff like that, so we’ve gotten to interact a lot more than you would on another movie where it finishes and you don’t see each other. So that strengthened our bond as a wolf pack unit. You could definitely tell that the movie had changed, as in the budget and the level of movie. When we were filming ‘New Moon’ the hype was really just starting to pick up and I think that ‘Twilight’ had just been released internationally, so it wasn’t the crazy hoopla that it is right now. Obviously that was intensified by ‘Eclipse,’ and then ‘Breaking Dawn’ was another level.
That’s really interesting. Are there any tangible examples you can think of? For example, were you having caviar at the craft services table or anything crazy like that?
[Laughs] Nothing crazy like that, because obviously they want to spend the funds on making the best movie possible. There’s more people. The security was really intense, because we’ve had incidents. Like on ‘Eclipse’ these fans somehow made it onto set. It was actually kind of funny because they obviously had the plan to make it on to set, but then they didn’t know what to do when they got on set. So they were standing there and the crew and all of us are staring at them staring at us and everyone’s like so … what now? [Laughs] So security was definitely bumped up.
Are you getting approached by a lot of ‘Twilight’ fans now?
I don’t get recognized, especially when I don’t have my bangs. I rarely tell people that I’m an actor in general, but when it does come up they say ‘Oh, what character do you play?’ When I say I’m the girl with the scar they just stare at my face and say, ‘You look really different!’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, because half my face isn’t covered with a scar!’ I think people are expecting to see Emily and not me, so I actually don’t get recognized.
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