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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eight reasons why Breaking Dawn will be the best Twilight movie yet

MSN Movies has created an  list of why they think Breaking Dawn (Part 1, ) will be the best of The Twilight Saga so far.
1. Wedding Bella
Everyone loves a good movie wedding. And by Jove they’ll get it in Breaking Dawn Part 1 as Bella and Edward tie the knot in a heart-wrenchingly romantic ceremony in the woods. Watch Bella lip-wobble up the aisle with her father at the beginning of the new trailer. You can bet fashion companies are already drafting copies of that hairpiece.
2. Vampire sex!
A steamy honeymoon scene means this will be the sexiest Twilight yet. Check out Edward sweeping up Bella and carrying her off to bed from 0:50 on the trailer. Then check out the mess they’ve made of those feather pillows. ‘Last night was the best night of my existence,’ he later says (note strategic avoidance of the word ‘life’).
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