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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summit Entertainment sues website for misleading fans

Summit Entertainment is suing the owner of Twilight.com whom they say is misleading people that come to the site, allowing them to believe they have come to an official platform for the film. From THR:
Summit Entertainment has filed all sorts of lawsuits with the goal of protecting its lucrative Twilight franchise. The latest legal target is the owner of Twilight.com, alleged to be deceiving consumers into believing the website is authorized by the studio and connected to the vampire romance films.
From the looks of Twilight.com, the site appears to be rather unimpressive. One could call it a fan site except the average 13-year-old girl with a Rob Pattinson crush could probably design something better. Nevertheless, the site seems hardly nefarious, even linking to Amazon.com so that consumers can purchase Stephenie Meyer books and The Twilight Saga DVDs and CDs instead of pirating them.
But Summit, which has previously been in court over things like Twilight toiletries and Bella jackets, sees something here that compels litigation against the dilution of its marks.
According to the complaint, the website’s owner, Tom Markson, has been using the studio’s copyrighted Twilight materials in his banner, plus linking to stuff like unauthorized Twilight contests and “fake casting calls.”
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