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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Will 2012 Be Taylor’s Year?

Will 2012 be the year Taylor’s career outside of The Twilight Saga takes off? Here is what The Twilight Examiner had to say.

Finally, with Taylor Lautner, he’s got a little bit of work to do, but he’s already making really good moves. For a while there, he was snagging job after job with very heavy paychecks. He was touted as part of the new “A-list” and had more future projects lined up than almost anyone else in the cast. The first film to come to fruition was Abduction, an action film featuring his first turn in a leading role. Unfortunately, something didn’t sync up with that movie and it struck a chord with neither critics nor general audiences.

This year could turn it all around, though. Not only does he have one interesting project in pre-production (Incarceron, a sci-fi prison-style picture based on the Catherine Fisher novel of the same name), but he’s also going to be teaming up with director Gus Van Sant on an indie project supposedly based on an article from The New Yorker. Otherwise, he’s still keeping a foot in the action arena, reportedly signing on for Goliath and a few other projects (one of which might include director Michael Bay). Being hardworking has always been a strength for Taylor Lautner, and that determination will carry over well for him when tackling these new projects. Once things get going on some of these, he should be on his way.

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