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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rob Pattinson Talks the End of the Twilight Saga with Movies.ie

How did you prepare for Edward and Bella becoming parents in this film? Did you draw on anything from your own childhood?
Robert Pattinson: Not really. No-one really knows how to be a father when you first begin – there’s no way to prepare for it. And it’s very easy to react to holding a baby, especially when the baby is looking like a newborn and you have just delivered it – it’s very simple, as it’s just crying in your hands, so you end up being very careful with it and stuff. But it is strange when Mackenzie (Foy) starts playing Renesmee, as you suddenly have to think, “My daughter is now 11. It’s two months after she is born and she can speak.” So that was a complicated thing to play. But it’s a fantasy movie, so I guess you just go along with it. It is the ultimate fantasty, I guess, to some people, that you can avoid all the annoyingparts of having a kid, if they’re already fending for themselves. It’s like having a puppy. Just leave it alone and thank you very much.
Trust me, it’s nothing like having a puppy.
Robert Pattinson: That’s what I keep saying in other interviews that, “It’s just like raising a dog, it’s the same thing, you’ve just got to leave it alone and tell it to go to the toilet outside.”
The fourth book is very different from the others, especially with the sex scenes – the first three books are very chaste. How was that to film?
Robert Pattinson: It’s funny when people talk about the sex scenes in the book, because there aren’t actually any sex scenes in the book, it’s all people’s imagination. So when they think, “Oh, this is so hardcore,” it actually almost fades to black every single time, and it just shows little bits of the aftermath.
Really, the book is the best example of how to keep something censored but still be erotic or whatever, because you are playing totally on people’s imaginations. Like the thing with the feathers, they don’t mention anything apart from the fact that there are feathers afterwards, but that’s why all the fans are so fixated on the feathers: “They’ve got to show the feathers in the movie!” It’s all their imagination, all their fantasies about the story are based on that one image, but the whole sex scene is totally in their own heads.
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