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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nikki Reed’s Boyfriend Paul Mcdonald Has Never Watched a “Twilight” Movie

Looks like Nikki Reed’s new boyfriend, American idol contestant Paul Mcdonald won’t be choosing between Team Edward and Team Jacob anytime soon.  In an exclusive interview with Eonline, Paul admits he has never watched any of the Twilight films. 
Here’s an excerpt from Eonline’s exclusive :
Choosing between Edward or Jacob  isn’t a pressing issue in Paul McDonald’s life. In fact the American Idol castoff has never even heard of the Twilight films’ famous vampire and werewolf.
“I haven’t seen any of the Twilights yet,” the crooning cutie recently admitted. Surprising, but certainly nothing to be ashamed of—except that McDonald’s  new girlfriend Nikki Reed stars in the massive franchise.
So did McDonald put his foot in his talented mouth?
Not really. Instead, the Idol eliminee called his new squeeze “ridiculously talented” and insisted he will soon be seeing all of her vampire flicks.
“I support her whatever she’s doing,” said a smiling McDonald. ”Now I have to get Twilight and watch them all.”
Read the rest of the interview HERE
Source : Eonline

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