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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peter Facinelli lands ‘Idol’ eliminee for ‘Loosies’ soundtrack

Peter Facinelli tells MTV that he is “stoked” to have booked American Idol eliminee (not-to-mention Nikki Reed’s boyfriend) Paul McDonald for the soundtrack of his film Loosies.
We caught up with Facinelli on Monday (April 18) to get the scoop on his exciting collaboration.
“I was telling Nikki [Reed, McDonald's girlfriend and Facinelli's 'Twilight' co-star] I was looking for music for my movie, and she said, ‘You should look through Paul’s stuff,’ ” Facinelli recalled. “She was a big fan of his, I heard, and I thought it really worked for my movie, so I played some tracks over it, where we had temp tracks, and it just all worked. So I reached out to Paul, I sent him the movie, and he enjoyed it a lot, and he said he wanted to be a part of it, which I was stoked.”
Facinelli added that McDonald’s original music is really inspirational and fit well with what he was doing on “Loosies.”
“He has a band, and his band stuff is very different then what he was doing on ‘American Idol,’ ” Facinelli said. “I heard him on ‘American Idol,’ and I thought he was great, but when I heard the band, it’s very distinct and has a voice of its own, and I like the originality of it,” he explained. “So we’ll probably use most of the music from the two albums he has out now on iTunes,” which were recorded under the band names the Grand Magnolias and High Tide Blues.
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