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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ashley Greene Interview with Allure Magazine

You know Ashley Greene for her red carpet looks, her turns as Alice Cullen in theTwilight movie series, and—admit it, tabloid junkies—as Joe Jonas’s ex. This month, she gets her Farah Fawcett on in the indie drama Skateland set in the early 1980s, playing Michelle, a college-bound teenage mall employee with a crush on her longtime friend Ritchie, a slacker genius who works at a dying roller skating rink. We asked the actress about all things ’80s, high school beauty, and for her favorite products and tips.
Your character, Michelle, is a real music buff. Do you have a favorite ’80s song? “I don’t! I wasn’t very well-versed in ’80s music [until the movie], so it was a good thing that they gave us all a full iPod and introduced us to The Cure and Joy Division.”
Who do you think had the best retro look? “Farah Fawcett. Best ’80s hair. Definitely.”
You kind of have that feathered hair in the movie. “That’s who we were inspired by.”
You also rocked blue eye shadow. Would you do that in real life? “Probably not. But it was really fun to do stuff like that on film. You know what? Maybe I’d wear a different shade, a very sheer blue, one that’s not as intense.”
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