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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jacob Black & Seth Clearwater among Five Hottest Wolves

Capricho has listed the top 5 hottest wolves and TWO of our Twilight boys make the list!  Translated by Google Translator.

1.Jacob Black
Who knew that boy skinny and hairy “Twilight” would become in our SuperGate Jacob Black, huh?After it was confirmed for the 2nd James Bond movie, Taylor Lautner became one of our favorite fictional wolves.In “New Moon”, we see him more comfortable, but it is in “Eclipse” that nearly died every time the character appears on screen.Oh, Jake!

4.Seth Clearwater
Cub The newest of our list is supercute!Played by actor Boo Boo Stewart, Seth Edward helps to protect Bella from Victoria and Riley in the battle of “Eclipse.”We love knowing that, despite being the same pack of wolves, Seth shows that also wants to be friends with the Cullens.
Full list here (in Portuguese).
Via Team Taylor Lautner

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