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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Judi Shekoni Interview with Creative Pop Culture Community

In a new interview featured at OneSmallSeed.net, writer AK Ahmed talked exclusively with Judi Shekoni about Breaking Dawn, in which she’ll play Zafrina, and her experiences on the set.
The anticipation for the latest installment of Twilight is high and it seems that part one of Breaking Dawn will definitely serve viewers with new characters to drool over. One such character is the overwhelmingly powerful and sexy vampire, Zafrina, whom is part of the Amazon Coven. Who better to play the role than British actress Judi Shekoni?
Incredibly talented, beautiful and passionate, it is her variously mysterious facets as an actress that makes Judi an astounding woman. She has appeared in various films and television shows includingThe King of QueensDamages and Eastenders. With the amazing help of Catherine Lyn Scott at London Flair PR, we grabbed the opportunity to bare our necks for this sultry actress – but had to settle for just an interview…
As an actress how does it feel to be in the final installment of Twilight?

“I feel so excited, I have been acting for a while and I honestly feel this is my favorite role so far. I have always had a love of vampires so this film has given me a change to explore them further. Its great to be part of something that is so popular right now, and it is amazing to be part of a cast that is so big and diverse. My character also is exciting to play – it is the first time I have ever played anyone with a special power!”

Time does indeed fly when it comes to the movie industry. It feels like a heartbeat ago when the books made worldwide impact and now we are all awaiting the final two-parts of Breaking Dawn.
Have you read the books before?

“Yes, I was on a cruise and my friend finished the first book and gave it to me to read .It took me about 30 pages and then I got sucked into Edwards and Bella’s love – the love they have is so deep and complex I literally couldn’t put it down, I then raced through the other books as quick as possible and was one of the people with tickets in advance to see the first movie. To now get the chance to be in the movie really is just an incredible adventure that one can only dream of.”

All the loyal Twilight fans will be introduced to Zafrina, the Amazonian vampire that plays a crucial role in helping the Cullens to achieve safety from the Volturi. For those of you that do not enjoy spoilers, I will omit the major plot of the movie. With the power to project powerful images, she will prove to be a very likable and strong character.
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