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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

‘Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey Says He Can Beat Taylor Lautner in a Fight

Here is a portion of an interview with Tyler Posey where he specifically talks about Taylor!
The biggest change, though, has also posed the greatest challenge – creating a wolf with brooding sex appeal amid all that hair. ‘We didn’t want him to look like a puppy,’ says Davis. ‘I always say the other shows have werewolves you can pet, we have ones you can kiss. They’re sexy but could rip your throat out.’
So does that mean the (currently single) Posey could trounce his buff Twilight rival Taylor Lautner in a fight? ‘You know, Taylor’s a cool dude,’ says Posey gallantly. ‘I think he’s got me beat right now in the fitness region. But in a werewolf fight? He actually turns into a full-on wolf and I turn into this half-man, half-werewolf creature. I dunno –  I would have opposable thumbs, so maybe that would win, as he’s got paws. Maybe I could use them to gouge his eyes out.’
Head to Metro.co.uk to read the full interview.
Source via TeamTaylorLautner

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Maria said...

I read article about Tyler titled Tyler Posey From "Teen Wolf" Got Smooched By J. Lo! I really enjoy reading it.

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