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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taylor talks about emotional end of ‘Twilight Saga,’ bond with Rob and Kristen

Taylor Lautner talked with The West and had this to say about working with Rob and Kristen.
“It’s weird because whenever we finished the other movies it was sad but we knew we would be coming back. But wrapping up the last one was very emotional,” recalls Lautner, who made the role of the werewolf Jacob Black his own after producers expressed concerns about his suitability
“Robert, Kristen and I have been together constantly for the past four years, whether filming or promoting the movies, so we’ve become super close. It’s a special bond that will continue after the Twilight journey ends.”
He also talked about his extremely busy work schedule.
“For the past year I’ve been at home for a total of five weeks so my real home is wherever I’m filming. I will be moving out, I promise, but for the moment it’s breakfast with mum and dad,” laughs Lautner.
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Famous TV also has this video from Abduction‘s Sydney premiere.

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