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Saturday, April 16, 2011

100 Monkey’s Track Listing For Liquid Zoo!

Breaking Dawn 205479 10150152620751687 78191296686 6874530 1490925 n1 280x186 100 Monkeys Track Listing For Liquid Zoo!  100 monkeysMTV’s Hollywood Crush got the track listing for Jackson Rathbone’s band 100 Monkey’s upcoming album Liquid Zoo!
With 11 brand spanking new songs, fans will have plenty new crazy, cool tunes to sing along to at the shows this summer. So, without further adieu, is the official track listing for 100 Monkey’s Liquid Zoo:
1. The Fair
2. The Sound
3. Shy Water
4. Time
5. Wandering Mind
6. Prayer
7. Black Diamond
8. Modern Times
9. Made of Gold
10. Invisible Monsters
11. Devil Man
You can pre-order your copy HERE.  The release date for Liquid Zoo is June 28, 2011!  Go to 100MonkeysMusic to check out all their tour dates!

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