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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lisa Howard (Siobhan) Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ With Broadway World

Breaking Dawn Lisa Howard 280x280 Lisa Howard (Siobhan) Talks Breaking Dawn With Broadway World breaking dawn Lisa  Howard (aka Siobhan/Irish Coven) talked about working on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn recently with Broadway World!
This week marks the release of Lisa Howard’s stunning new collection of William Finn songs, SONGS OF INNOCENCE AND EXPERIENCE, as well as a showcase at Birdland featuring the selections from the album and some special surprises, so now is certainly the best time to catch up with the 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE star before she takes on Mother Abbess in THE SOUND OF MUSIC and Paulette in LEGALLY BLONDE later this year. Additionally, Ms. Howard shares with me all about the filming of the highly anticipated conclusion of the TWILIGHT series, TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN Parts 1 & 2 in which she plays a central role: that of Siobahn, an ancient Irish vampire. William Finn, Dan Fogler, Bill Condon, Michael Sheen, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and stories about working with many more of her exciting co-stars and collaborators await in the complete conversation, but, first, here are her TWILIGHT-centric comments! Be sure to pick up the Finn album available at GhostlightRecords.com to enjoy Finn favorites old and new, plus the premiere of a number of songs from ROMANCE IN HARD TIMES, THE ROYAL FAMILY and the titular song cycle itself, SONGS OF INNOCENCE & EXPERIENCE.
PC: Moving to movies: you are making your feature film debut in one of the most hotly anticipated films of all time, TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN, yes?
LH: Yes, yes, I am! (Laughs.) Isn’t that crazy!
PC: What an accomplishment! And to work with Bill Condon – he’s a real Broadway baby; plus, he directed DREAMGIRLS!
LH: I think that’s probably why he even considered hiring me – because I am a Broadway gal and he understands our world, you know?
PC: Precisely.
LH: I think that may have even been the reason I was even considered.
PC: The theatre connection. What was the audition like? How did it come about?
LH: Jen, my manager, got me the audition. Of course, I was a huge TWILIGHT fan and I had read all the books and seen the movies. You know, I was like, “Oh, that sounds fun! Great!” never thinking that I would get it – even though I fit the character description perfectly, and that doesn’t happen all the time for a gal like me!
PC: Where did you audition?
LH: We went in and I put myself on tape and we sent it in. The next week, I got the call that I got the job.
PC: Wow.
LH: I know! It was kind of surreal. I was like, “What. Is. Happening?!” I was so excited.
PC: What was your audition piece?
LH: It’s actually just a scene that’s really not in the movie, but they obviously just wanted to seewhat I could do with it. It’s a scene between me and Edward. Do you know the story?
PC: I do, but why don’t you fill everyone in.
LH: Well, it’s when Bella’s having that baby and she’s half-vampire/half-whatever…
Read more at Broadway World!
[Source: BrowadWorld, via LisaHowardNYC & RobPattzNews]

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