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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Booboo Stewart Interview with Teen.com

Click on the image below to see a clip of Booboo in The Haunting Hour!
Teen.com interviewed Booboo Stewart about his role in R.L Stine’s (yep the Goosebumps person) The Haunting Hour:
Teen.com: Tell us a little bit about your episode of The Haunting Hour. What’s the premise?
Booboo: It’s all about the legend – I play Kai. And it’s about a legend where a boy sees a shark…and there’s been sightings of this shark in this pool and he doesn’t know why. We find out that it’s actually him. It was really fun to do, I had a great time. I swam so much! (laughs) I never swam so much in my life. My hands were so pruny afterward but it was so much fun.
Teen.com: Did you have to train extra hard to do all that swimming?
Booboo: I already knew how to swim. You know what’s a funny thing, actually, I didn’t know how to dive. I had never done that before. So the scuba divers that were there with the shark, they taught me how to dive for one scene and it was cool.
Teen.com: Let’s talk that shirtless scene. Were you used to filming without your shirt on from Twilight?
Booboo: I was kind of used to it from Twilight but mostly from doing all the photo shoots – not even from Twilight
See more at Teen.com!

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