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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Director John Singleton Talks ‘Abduction’ & Taylor Lautner! Plus New Stills!

Breaking Dawn Abduction 5 560x236 Director John Singleton Talks Abduction & Taylor Lautner! Plus New Stills!  abductionBreaking Dawn Abduction 6a 560x372 Director John Singleton Talks Abduction & Taylor Lautner! Plus New Stills!  abduction
BlackFilm.com interviewed director John Singleton about his upcoming film Abduction starring Taylor Lautner.  John talked about working with Taylor.
It’s Taylor’s first lead role (outside of the ‘Twilight’ films) and a chance to show some range.
JS: It’s Taylor’s chance to really flex. The excitement about this is everyone loves this kid! But they don’t really know what he’s totally capable of doing. They don’t know he was a martial arts champion at the age of eleven. And that he’s physical. And that he’s actually funny. And that he’s charismatic and I was thinking they could see the potential in the ‘Twilight’ pictures then this is just like just letting it loose.
What did you do differently that would make him grow as an actor.
JS: What I did was really just brought him into my circle and have him really relax. We just watched movies together and talked about acting and I wanted him to see how there are people in the past that have been in the position that he’s like James Dean and Tom Cruise and young actors who evolved into young adulthood and the decisions that they make. And then we start just talking about the character. And he relaxed enough to improv for the first time. No one ever asked him to do these things. What’s amazing is that everyone doesn’t see how brilliant he is at his age at just picking up stuff. He’ll come and say, ‘I want to try something.’ And he never had a chance to do that. People just wanted him to look good. They didn’t want him to flex and do different stuff.
Read the entire interview at BlackFilm.com!
[Source: BlackFilm.

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